Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New "Van the Man"

Van Morrison's latest release Magic Time (MA MORR MT M22) is a lot like many of his other (more than 50) records - and I mean that in a good way. I think of Van the Man as the supplier of musical comfort food. Throughout this album there is a feeling of deja vu - of comfortable familiarity. This may be off-putting to some that expect new directions from this seasoned veteran - but I welcome it.
Morrison does show some of his versatility with a Sinatra-esque big band version of This Love of Mine and a cover of Perry Como's I'm Confessin. His voice is as powerful as ever and as always he's at his best with "blue-eyed soul" tunes like Stranded and Keep Mediocrity at Bay.
Van Morrison has had an incredible 41 year musical career and he has demonstrated quite clearly that he is not ready to stop now.

John Hiatt offers up another helping of musical comfort food with Master of Disaster (MA HIAT MOD H22). Backed by the North Mississippi All-Stars, Hiatt delivers a solid collection of what he does best - roots rock, Memphis boogie, and good old blues.

Lots of new stuff is being processed and will be appearing in the New Arrival section in the next few days. Keep looking!


Please note that Barry Brenner Jazz collection and the library's jazz collection which were housed seperately - are now together as one collection. This should help make it a bit easier to locate items.


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