Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My inexperience is showing!!!

As I said in my first post - blogging is new to me - so I was bound to mess up. I actually posted earlier today and it appears as a response (comment) to my last post. This was not what I intended. True, I am the only person talking here; but I'm not desperate enough to answer myself (yet). I'm not sure that I can remove the comment so I'll repeat it here and learn from this experience. Here goes.

Hi, I hope you all had a great weekend. Besides the good weather and the innaugural barbecue, the highlight of my weekend was getting to see "Mad Hot Ballroom." If you haven't heard about this wonderful documentary, I'm sure you will! It is about a special program designed to teach ballroom dancing to elementary school students in the New York City School System. The teaching scenes are priceless. The competition is exhilirating. The connection between the subjects and the viewer is magical.

Documentary filmmaking, thanks to Morgon Spurlock ("Supersize Me") and Roger Moore ("Fahrenheit 9/11"), has been extremely popular of late, and "Mad Hot Ballroom" is certain to keep this trend going. The DVD release date has not been announced yet, but I will be sure to order this as soon as I can. Don't wait - this one is worth the price of admission.

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