Tuesday, May 24, 2005

OK here we go

It hadn't dawned on me that you might want to preview this blog before leaping in. When no one rushed to sign up - I didn't think to continue posting. Well, as they say in show biz..."the blog must go on."
I do hope you will get around to signing up and posting - it will certainly make me feel that I'm not talking to myself. Stop by the reference desk and leave your e-mail address - you will then get an invitation to join the blog. My offer of prizes to the first 20 people that post (library staff excluded)still stands.

Kudos to Artists in Partnership for their wonderful Cabaret weekend. I was at the Sat. night show featuring Lumiri Tubo. WOW!!! That lady can sing. If you see that she is performing in the area - it is well worth your while to get tickets. From what I've heard the other performers were great, too.

Lots of new titles have been or will be making their way to the New CD Releases section. Keep your eye out for "Soul Circus" by Victor Wooten (a former Bela Fleck and the Flecktones sideman), if funk is your thang. For some toe-tappin, hand-clappin, b**t-kickin blues look for "Healin' Ground" by guitarist extraordinaire, Jimmy Thackery.

I'll highlight other new releases in future posts.

If you haven't already done so, please fill out an audio visual/survey. These can be found in the media area as well as at the reference desk. Your opinions and comments mean a lot.


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