Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lots of new stuff !!!

Lots of new and some classic titles will be finding their way to the stacks in the next few days. Here are just a few:

Compact Disks

Speak No Evil-Wayne Shorter- An all-star band including Freddie Hubbard,Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Elvin Jones complements Shorter on the tenor sax. ( MJ SHOR SNE S27 )
Nina At the Village Gate- Nina Simone- The incomparable Miss Simone live at one of New York's landmark Jazz venues - can it get any better? ( MJ SIMO AVG S82 )
In Your Honor - Foo Fighters - This album has been getting "great press" from rock critics as well as a mention from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. ( MA FOOF IYH F82 )
Blame the Vain - Dwight Yoakam - Country music (except Steve Earle and a handful of others) is just "not my thing." That being said, Yoakum makes a strong case here to be included with an extremely listenable crossover album. ( MC YOAK BTV Y75 )
All or Nothing - Fat Joe - I'm not familiar with this Rap star, but this album has rocketed up the charts! ( MA FATJ AON F92 )
Chavez Ravine -Ry Cooder- and Mexican Standoff -Michelle Shocked- These albums succeed in invoking images from different times and places. Cooder captures the feeling of the largely chicano community of Los Angeles in the 50's as it was about to be displaced by the building of Dodger Stadium. He is joined on this ambitious album by David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Flaco Jiminez, and Jacky Terrasson. Miss Shocked, opens her album with a few "border tunes" but eventually finds herself in the more familiar Texas blues milieu.
Unfortunately, these albums have to be catalogued and processed and will probably not reach the New Releases bin for a few weeks.


Coach Carter
Seed of Chucky
Scrubs 1st season
Six Feet Under 3rd season


The Italian Secretary - Caleb Carr CD
1776 - David McCullough CD
The Innocent - Harlen Coben CD
The Ice Queen - Alice Hoffman CD
The 12th Card - Jeffrey Deaver Cassette

This is by no means a complete listing. I certainly wouldn't want to deprive you of one of life's great pleasures -browsing the stacks of a library. If you have any questions or requests, direct them to Michael at the Reference Desk or e-mail me at :
Please include the words "audio visual" or "Michael" in the Subject line to insure that I get it.


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