Tuesday, September 06, 2005

3rd Annual LB Jazz Festival

Recordings by many of the performers in this year's Long Beach Jazz Festival can be found in our CD collection:

Steve Adelson - Sailing Down the River,Sane - MJ ADEL SDR A00
                                   New Sticktet - MJ ADEL NS A52

AfroDysia -Ami Terra MJ AFRO AMT R12

Mike Barnett - Main Sqeeze MJ BARN MS B

Mark Elf - Trickonometry MJ ELF TRI E04
Elf is also featured on - As we were saying MJ HEAT AWW H72

John Favicchia - Dharma MJ FAVI DHA F73

Kerry Kearney Kerry Kearney MR KEAR KK P60

Chiell1 Minnucci - Got it Goin On MJ MINU GIG

Matt Wilson - As Wave Follows Wave MJ WILS AWF W24
Wilson also appears with Ted Nash on Sidewalk Meeting MJ NASH SM N56

Bryan Carrot appears on Ralph Peterson Presents MJ PETE RPP P75

Most of the performances from last year's festival are available on DVD. These can be found on a display rack in the media center.

Your thoughts and impressions of this year's shows are welcome in this blog. If you don't want to post them yourself - jot them down with or without your name and leave them at the Reference Desk - attention Michael. I will put them together and post them for you. It would be great if we could have all the shows reviewed.


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