Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some kind words

Finally some feedback. OK it wasn't unsolicited - I asked Mike Gladstone, whose reviews can be found at to check out this blog and comment on it. Here is what he wrote:

sorry that it took a few more days than I planned.
went to your site and was interested to see the latest
entry. I tried to respond but there was no apparent link
to button to hit so if you'd like to cut and paste the following
and count it as a response please feel free to do so.

I enjoyed your current event updates in relation to the library
facilities and Long Beach area concerts. Although I don't ever
get the LB Nights on the Boardwalk, it would be good to know
if I were in the area.

Thanks for the tip on the Jonathan Butler at Eisenhower Park
It was a good one and I'll give you more later if you want to hear it.
I got a report from the Ani DiFranco at Bald Hill concert and was
told that Toshi Reagon had an attitude problem without an apparent
fan base in the audience. She evidently was expecting a larger welcome
from the crowd.

Good to see a tie in with the death of Ibrahim Ferrer and available artists
in the Library collection and you're quite correct to tie in the Chavez Ravine
album with the Michelle Shocked. BTW, Juan-Carlos Formell, son of
Juan Formell of Buena Vista Social Club and Los Van Van is touring
to plug his new album Cemetaries & Desire, opened for Norah Jones
at The Living Room tuesday night.

I heard the new Van Morrison on which he does I'm Confessin' plus at
least one other late 40s type standard which was surprising.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Mike, for those kind words.

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Blogger Dita said...

Michael --
Juan FOrmell, leader and bass player of Los Van Van for the past 35 years has never had anything to do with Buena Vista Social Club.

5:23 AM  
Blogger michael said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Dita. I had cut and pasted those comments from an email I received. I should have checked for accuracy. I just checked IMDB and you are absolutely right. I will post to that effect tomorrow (I'm too wrapped up in Six Feet Under tonight!)
Despite my embarassment it is good to know that people are reading the blog. Thanks for posting.

9:01 PM  

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