Monday, May 01, 2006

4th Annual AIP Cabaret Arts Festival

The 4th Annual Cabaret Arts Festival will be held at the Long Beach Public Library May 18 - 21. If you have seen any of the shows in the past, I'm sure you will return for some of the best "nightclub" entertainment on Long Island. Susan James and the folks at Artists in Partnership (AIP) transform the LBPL Auditorium into an intimate "lounge," sans cocktails. Some of most talented cabaret performers in the metropolitan area will entrance you and capture your heart with their wonderful renditions and interpretations of popular standards and original music.

Shows are scheduled for Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon. The full lineup follows and can also be seen on the AIP website:

Thursday, May 18, 8 PM – Opening Night Cabaret Performance
SUSAN JAMES “Simply Susan: Listen To My Heart”
with Tedd Firth on piano
Susan shares her soul with songs that have special meaning in her life.
“ every note, every nuanced gesture rang professional…. One regret was that we don’t own a cabaret or we’d book her in a heartbeat.” Shirley Bogart Cohen, author

Friday, May 19, 8 PM - Cabaret Performance
MARIEANN MERINGOLO "Here’s To The Ladies! A Salute To Great Ladies In Song"
with Doyle Newmyer on piano
This award-winning vocalist comes direct from her engagement at NYC’s Hideaway Room @ Helen’s.
“If k.d.lang’s DNA were to get whipped together with Barbra Streisand’s…..the result might well be Marieann Meringolo” TIMEOUT NEW YORK
“”The voice…will woo you, win you, & whisper in your ear” NEW YORK NEWSDAY

Saturday, May 20, 2 PM - "Cabaret Friends" Performances and Professional Panel
Established Cabaret Artists from The Songbook Project perform and comment on cabaret
Nancy McGraw, vocalist of “Cinema Songs” at Danny’s and former cabaret club owner,
Sidney Myer, comic singer/performer and also booking agent for NYC’s club “Don’t Tell Mama”, Tedd Firth, Musical Director & jazz pianist , and Barbara Brussell, vocalist of “Lerner In Love” CD
"Nancy fills the stage with a genuinely warm presence, inhabiting each song and investing it with her own unmannered expressiveness." Peter Haas, CABARET SCENES Magazine
“Sidney Myer…an engagingly mischievous dispenser of musical repartee”
Stephen Holden, THE NEW YORK TIMES

Saturday, May 20, 8 PM - Cabaret Performance
with Tedd Firth on piano
This duo enchants you with jazz interpretations of great American popular standards in an upbeat fashion.
“she’s got great style, great charts – and boy, does she have her standards!” Barry Manilow
“…sophisticated songbird with rich, silky vocal style.. and a swinging baritone with an offhand Sinatra swagger…” Elizabeth Ahlfors, CABARET SCENES

Sunday, May 23, 2 PM - Cabaret Performance
A Sentimental Journey of Standard and Pop Classics”

Phillip matches veteran & contemporary songwriters from every decade with fresh interpretations.
“ …a theatrical tie to the storyline, incisive perception of the lyric, pitch-perfect renditions of the melodies, and a clear, clean sound, … one of the master craftsmen of the cabaret art.”
Elizabeth Ahlfors, CABARET SCENES

For further info, call AIP 516-432-6342 or visit website:

This project is made possible, in part, with funds from the Long Beach Public Library

* AIP celebrates Long Beach’s Centennial 1906 - 2006 “From Sandbar to City” *


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