Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More Musical Favorites

Here is the rest of My Favorite CD's of 2005:

Get Behind Me Satan - White Stripes MR WHIT GBM W62

Eric Greenwood in a review for DrawerB says, "It isn’t until you’ve given it your full attention that the album starts to reveal its true depth and worth with songs that stick to your bones." I couldn't agree more or say it better.

Listen Here - Eddie Palmieri MJ PALM LH P62

Palmieri puts a latin spin on a few jazz standards with the help of some high profile guests such as John Scofield, Michael Brecker, and Regina Carter. "In Flight" opens the album with Carter stealing the show and setting the bar at an impossibly high level. The rest of the album tries to live up - but falls just a little short. Still a great listen.

Manual Guajiro Mirabal - Manual Mirabal Q CUBA MGM N02

Another Latin gem from the people who brought you the Buena Vista Social Club. Manual Guajiro Mirabel is the trumpet player that you may remember from BVSC. It is hard to imagine that at age 71, this is the first solo album for Mirabel. Quite a debut!!

Magic Time - Van Morrisson MA MORR MT M02

A year would not be complete without a great album from Van the Man. Lots of typical "blue-eyed soul" - but even the typical sounds fine from Morrisson. He keeps things fresh with interpretations of jazz standards: I'm Confessin', This Love of Mine, and Lonely and Blue.

Plans - Death Cab for Cutie MA DEAT PLA D42

I can't say that I'm enamored with their name - but Death Cab for Cutie delivers an album that I loved to listen to. They sometimes remind me of early REM. Plans is their major label debut after four albums on "indie" labels.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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